He’s found a way to finally stop “Click Bait”. How he’s going to do it is UNBELIEVABLE!

He’s found a way to finally stop “Click Bait”. How he’s going to do it is UNBELIEVABLE!

BSNews – “I don’t know what everyone’s so upset about, it’s just naked stuff and ads for naked stuff,” was the response from NetClicks‘Nchill founder and CEO, Igotcha Yamama, when asked about the outcry from browsers concerning “Click Bait”.

Click Bait is the term given to internet links that promise one type of experience, but offer something entirely different or contain primarily advertising once clicked upon.

Cornwallace McGingersnapps is the lead attorney for an internet legitimacy lawsuit aimed at click bait fraud and had this to say about Mr. Yamama.

“Igotcha’s company has been red flagged as a leader in the Click Bait industry, with NetClicks’Nchill operating as the umbrella over entities that have recently become the targets of investigation, such as www.CanalLooksLikeADirtyWord.com and www.GranniesWithALittleExtraSumpnSumpn.net, both of which were riddled with click bait and had few, if any, grannies with any extra sump’n sump’n.”

When asked what sort of discipline might be on the table for NetClicks’Nchill should the legal system find them culpable, the lawyer stated that it would depend on many circumstances. We asked him to be more specific.

“All I can say is that the “Click Bait” issue is problematic because it either states one promise and delivers something else with content unfit for any decent person who loves their mother, or it is simply a vehicle for landing the browser onto an area of the world wide web where waits ad after ad for dietary supplements, some form of bodily enhancement, and/or celebrities you didn’t know were dead. Either way, click bait is based on fraud, or more plainly, lies.”

“How will you be able to determine if these sites have been poorly developed or are outright lies?” we asked.

“Their pants will or will not be on fire,” the attorney stated.

But what about something that could stop click bait in its tracks before it even has the opportunity to do any damage?

A BSNews correspondant sought out a small technology startup in the Silicon Valley to answer these questions.

Our reporter was led into the offices of DorKom, LLC by a homeowner who introduced us to his grandson, Brad, a young tech prodigy that prefers to go by the title, Plort The Overlord.

Plort told us that he was close to putting the whole click bait thing to bed with a new app designed to send microscopic nano signals to the gleff conjector in your smartphone. These nano signals will, in theory, communicate with the High Ruler of All and negotiate a treaty between internet browsers and Click Bait Artificial Android Robot Bots or (C-BAARBs).

“It’s really exciting and if it all goes as planned, I’ll be your leader in only a matter of days,” Plort boasted while rolling a twelve-sided die and frantically rubbing his palms together.

Until then, we at BSNews have put together an exhaustive list of things you can do to avoid falling into a steaming pile of stinky “Click Bait”. The list goes as follows:


  1. Don’t click on links that might be click bait.


If you abide by all of the thing on this list, your forays into the web should be pretty carefree.

BSNews will continue to follow the events as they unfold in the case against NetClicks’Nchill and will report those details as they surface.

Michael Blackston

BSNews World Report

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