How To Nail An Audition

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Throat Coat from Traditional Medicimals

I’ve been performing onstage since I was fiver years old. Now granted, it’s never been professional and my first solo at that tender age was no more than a cute little song, Dead Eye Dick to be precise, that I performed while straddling a a stick horse and pretending to squirt the audience with a water gun. But they loved me. And that was the match that lit the embers of my love for the performing arts.

I went from there to performing in a couple of sm,all things with a local children’s troupe, then traveling a state over to be “kid in the background” for several stage productions like, Oliver, The Music Man, and Annie Get Your Gun.

It was there that I got my first real experience in the audition process and since that time, I’ve acquired quite a long list of appearances in auditions.

By now, I’ve delivered what seems like a million lines and songs onstage in front of an audience. And while I rarely get what you’d call nervous before a performance, I do still get that twinge of butterflies just before curtain that I attribute more to the excitement of getting to be onstage in a few moments.

However, there is still one part of the process of live theatre that tears up my nerves, leaving me with that jelly-legged feeling and that’s the audition. Continue reading How To Nail An Audition

How To Take A Compliment – MEA 003

Are you one of those people that feels awkward and doesn’t really know the right way to respond when given a compliment? It may seem like a silly question, but the truth is that taking a compliment the right way is a stumbling block for a lot of artists.

I liken it to the way you can sometimes feel when attending a funeral and it’s time to go say something the family of the deceased. You know there is a correct thing to say and so many things you should NEVER say, but the trouble is, sometimes those things get blurry and we can wind up with a foot firmly positioned in our mouth region.

You don’t want to come across as if you disagree with the person giving you some love, but neither do you want to seem arrogant. It’s a predicament for some, so what do you do? Continue reading How To Take A Compliment – MEA 003

Facing Your Artistic Fears Like A Boss – MEA 002

I had fears about starting this podcast that caused me to delay.

  • Fear of sounding foolish.
  • Fear that I’ll put a lot of work into it and no one will listen.
  • Fear that it won’t see growth.

After all, I’m not a traditionally published author, I’ve won no awards for visual art, and I have no degree from any artistic institution. So who am I to host a podcast or write a blog that offers advice about all – or any – aspect of the arts?

My fears are driven by insecurity and insecurity plays a part in so many fears artists have.

Fear is probably THE major contributor to work NOT being produced or finished and I want to tackle that to see if we can uncover some possible solutions to the problem. Continue reading Facing Your Artistic Fears Like A Boss – MEA 002

How To Find That Elusive Inspiration – MEA 001

There are lots of reasons someone might “lose their mojo”.

  • You’re bored with doing the same old thing every time you sit down to create.
  • You hit a bump in the road when it comes to your skill and it feels like you’ll never get it, so the block comes from frustration.
  • The world around you could be too loud
  • Your head is full of so many things you want to create that you can’t sit still and focus on anything without flitting from one thing to another.

There’s good news and bad news.

  • Bad news first – the solution might not happen overnight
  • Good news – If you persist, you can come out of it

Continue reading How To Find That Elusive Inspiration – MEA 001